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 adjustable electric beds

 World's Lowest Price

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Cahuenga Pass, Canoga Park, Chatsworth, Colfax Meadows, Encino, Fallbrook, Granada Hills, Kagel Canyon, Lake View Terrace, Lake Balboa, Mission Hills, NoHo Arts District, North Hills, North Hollywood, Northridge, Olive View, Pacoima, Panorama City, Porter Ranch, Reseda, Shadow Hills, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Stonehurst, Sun Valley, Sunland-Tujunga, Sylmar, Tarzana, Toluca Lake, Toluca Woods, Valley Glen, Valley Village, Van Nuys, Ventura Business District, Warner Center, West Hills, West Toluca, Winnetka, Woodland Hills


Serving all San Fernando Valley area including: 

Cahuenga Pass, Canoga Park, Chatsworth, Colfax Meadows, Encino, Fallbrook, Granada Hills, Kagel Canyon, Lake View Terrace, Lake Balboa, Mission Hills, NoHo Arts District, North Hills, North Hollywood, Northridge, Olive View, Pacoima, Panorama City, Porter Ranch, Reseda, Shadow Hills, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Stonehurst, Sun Valley, Sunland-Tujunga, Sylmar, Tarzana, Toluca Lake, Toluca Woods, Valley Glen, Valley Village, Van Nuys, Ventura Business District, Warner Center, West Hills, West Toluca, Winnetka, Woodland Hills,


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Fastest Delivery & Installation We Save You Money - Guaranteed!




Your 100% Satisfaction is our only goal!


What Does 47 Years of Experience Mean to You?

The Right Adjustable BED.

We welcome you into the family of Electroease® .  We are a Family Owned and Operated Company Since 1964, with an “A+” Rating with the Better Business Bureau; Joint Commission Medical Accreditation; Member of the Specialty Sleep Association; and we have earned the title as the most respected name in Adjustable Beds.  

        WE BUILD YOU THE RIGHT Adjustable BED!

Our Recommendations Are Based on 47 Years of Experience. Our Mission is to offer you the Highest Quality Adjustable Bed with the most Comfortable Adjustable Bed Mattress in the World. 

We have never lost sight of the fact that our success is built upon offering the Public the Highest Quality Adjustable Bed Frame, Motors, Mattress, Foundation, Hand Control, Casters and Massage System. Today, the WH2 (Wireless) and WH1 (Wired) are the product of over 47 years of perfection. 

Our Mission is your 100% SATISFACTION, which is based upon finding the FACTORS that will lead to your 100% Satisfaction. Please share with us the adjustable bed size, mattress and firmness you are interested in; whether you would prefer wireless or a wired hand control; whether you are interested in our deluxe dual massage system, etc....We need to know your (and your spouse’s) height, weight, health and physical conditions, and personal sleep preferences to help recommend the best model, mattress, firmness, and options.

Our recommendations our based on 47 years of experience and when you've been doing the same thing since 1964, you get pretty good at it.

We only do one thing and it is for you!


Family Owned and Operated Since 1964













Electroease® was started by Henry Kraus

and is now run by his two sons, Lloyd and Philip Kraus





 Wireless Hand Control

With Dual Massage

The quality of our Model WH2 is world class.  The wall saving technology keeps you close to your night stand.  The comprehensive 20 Year limited warranty covers the entire base and all electronic components.  Our Model WH2 wireless backlit hand control incorporates the latest technology to make every command effortless.  In one touch you can conveniently bring the bed to a flat position.  There is a Zero G position to experience the comfort of feeling weightless. 

Our massage system includes two of the highest quality, circular motion massagers: one is for your back and one is for your legs. The massage system is embedded into the foundation of the bed, TOTALLY INSULATED WITH FOAM to eliminate any noise.  The Massage System is the Ultimate Circular Massage System, no vibration, everything goes in soothing and relaxing circular motion. 

Each massager has variable speeds.  There is a timer with a choice of 3 settings. And when you smoothly and effortlessly adjust your back and legs to exactly the position you desire; and turn on your massage system to ease your tension; and feel the comfort and support of your mattress... You are going to wonder why you waited so long to Pamper Yourself!  



Our Model WH1 allows you to individually elevate your back and your legs to exactly the position you desire...You have over 1001 positions at a simple, lite-touch of your finger.

Our massage system provides circular-motion allowing you to relax in total comfort.  We have added a built-in timer that will automatically turn off the massage in 30 minutes.  Our Model WH1 wired lite-touch hand control incorporates the latest design technology to make every command effortless.  The head section of the base raises to 70 degrees.  The quality of our Model WH1 is world class.  The comprehensive 20 Year limited warranty covers the entire base and all electric components.  Hand control can be reversed to either side of bed.


The Wall Saving technology allows you to stay close to your night stand as you raise your head.  When you can elevate your back and your legs into a contour position, you’ll feel your whole body totally let go.  Turn on the very soothing, built-in, circular-motion massage for that EXTRA RELAXATION PLUS!


The World's Best-Built motorized Frame

20 Year   Limited Warranty  on Frame, Motors, Foundation, Hand Control,

Casters, & Massage System

                               Frame Supports Complete Length and width of bed                      

                              2-Direct Drive Motors  Installed Directly into Frame       




    Your Electroease® Bed looks exactly like a regular bed when Flat. The frame and foundation are the same dimensions off the floor as a regular flat bed. Putting on an optional Headboard is just as easy. With standard casters/legs, you have 9" of clear space 

    under the bed.


 4 Locking Casters allow for locking position or easy moving of beds






Mattress Retainer Bar keeps Mattress from Sliding Forward




Hand Control / Electronics: 

In the unlikely   event of a need for service, you do not need any tools to replace the motors. 

Simply disconnect the electronics from the control box; and take the cotter and clevis pins out to replace the motors.



Electroease® foundation incorporates a special 1/2 inch layer of foundation foam on top to add overall comfort to the above mattress. Top of Base is made from 7- layer genuine plywood  (not particle board)


The Wall Saving technology allows you to stay close to your night stand as you raise your head



 BATTERY BACK-UP: in the unlikely event of a power failure, your Electroease®

 Bed incorporates a Battery Back-Up that allows you to momentarily

operate your bed and to lower your bed into a flat position.


LIFETIME SERVICE COMMITMENT: In the unlikely event of a need for service, your Electroease® Bed comes with a Life-Time service commitment.    We are always just a phone call away. 1(800) 727-1954   



The World's Most Comfortable Adjustable Bed Mattresses

Is Your mattress Your Most Important Furniture Investment?

·       49 hours in bed every week (about as much as you spend at work plus your commute)

·        210+ hours in bed every month (more than a week’s vacation)

·        2,555 hours in bed in a year (about 3.5 month out of 12)

INNERSPRING At Electroease® we are Adjustable Bed Mattress Specialists.  Our innerspring adjustable bed mattress is the product of over 47 years of perfection!

Available in three different mattress firmnesses:

 d Regular Firm   d Extra Firm   d Ultra Firm


Beautiful bamboo-cotton material




Handles make for easy turning of mattress





We inner-tuft the top 3 layers of material (underneath the 4th quilted layer) to the springs, on both sides of the mattress.  The innerspring is heat treated twice (tempered steel) and is individually hinged every 3.5" for perfect bending. 


Completely reversible, from head to foot and upside down.




We double stitch around the sides, and triple stitch around the corners.





 7” Latexpedic®  is made from Talatech® Talalay Latex Manufacturing Process, providing the perfect balance of comfort and support so you can enjoy deep, sound sleep night after night. Latexpedic® instantaneously conforms to the shape of your body, gently supporting and comforting you all night long, with up to 33% more pressure relief than other foam bedding.   All these features so you can awaken refreshed and rejuvenated to meet the challenges of the day; without the tossing and turning, without the pain and stiffness that disrupt a good night's sleep; with restored energy and enthusiasm.                                                             

Superior Pressure Relief for Deeper, Rejuvenating Sleep


Latexpedic® eliminates pinches and pains that interrupt a good night's sleep. It reduces high pressure areas that shut off capillary flow and cause a person to toss and turn. Latexpedic® mattresses alleviate pressure to bring oxygen and nutrients to muscles to provide a deeper, more restful sleep.  

Available in four different mattress firmnesses:  

E Soft  E Regular Firm   e Extra Firm   e Ultra Firm



 Is The High Profile Mattress America’s Best-Built, Completely Reversible, Adjustable Bed Mattress . . . You Better Believe It!


·          Fully Reversible

·          Each Core is Individually Made in the USA

·          Genuine Talatech® Talalay Latex laminated core that contains 5.6" center core with 1.1" softer latex top and bottom

                  What's ILD and Why should I Care?

ILD: Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) is a measurement of latex foam firmness.  ILD is measured by indenting (compressing) a foam sample 25 percent of its original height. The amount of force (in pounds) required to indent the foam is its 25 percent ILD measurement. The more force required, the firmer the foam. Flexible foam ILD measurements range from 10 pounds (super soft) to about 80 pounds (very firm).


Pictured on Left, The High Profile Mattress has a Standard Core of 5.6" of

Latex Foam AND a 1.1" of Softer Latex Foam on Each Side

The High Profile comes in four firmnesses:                                                                                                                                                                                      E d Soft:               1.1" ILD 20    5.6" ILD 24   1.1" ILD 20

E Regular Firm:  1.1" ILD 24    5.6" ILD 28   1.1" ILD 24

E Extra Firm:      1.1" ILD 24   5.6" ILD 36    1.1" ILD 24

E Ultra Firm:      1.1" ILD 24   5.6" ILD 40    1.1" ILD 24



10” LatexPillo Mattress


Take Your Time . . . Your bed is your most important furniture investment!


Within The First 10 Days, We Will Replace Your Mattress Firmness for only $75


LatexPillo comes with all the benefits of Latexpedic® plus so much more. 

It incorporates a 5.6” 40 core ILD on the bottom and a zippered Latexpillo 2.8” layer Talatech® Talalay Latex on top that comes in four firmnesses:

E Soft:                 5.6”ILD  40   2.8” ILD  24

E Regular Firm:   5.6”ILD  40   2.8” ILD  28

e Extra Firm:       5.6”ILD  40   2.8” ILD  32

e Ultra Firm:       5.6”ILD  40   2.8” ILD  36



With the zippered top, a change of firmness is a zip away! 


The Ultimate in Comfort

  Are Adjustable Beds the World’s Most Comfortable Piece of Furniture? YES!

 Every inch up or down is a different weight and pressure on your nerves, muscles and bones; you simply stop where you are more comfortable.  Contour your body into the Zero-Gravity Position and settle into your favorite Electroease® Mattress, and you will feel like you are floating on a cloud of air; your whole body can just totally let go.

Relieve the strain and stress off aching back, neck and shoulders by merely pressing a button to change your body’s positions. Many Adjustable Beds are purchased for

Arthritis, Neck and Back Condition, Breathing, Circulation, Heart, Hiatal Hernia and Hip Problems.  Read, Relax, Watch TV…OVER 1001 RECLINGING POSITIONS at the simple touch of your finger.  Whether for Health, Sleep, TV OR PURE COMFORT, Adjustable Bed Owner’s would never sleep on anything else. 


Electric Adjustable Beds are designed to bring you the ultimate in comfort by electrically adjusting your back and your legs to almost any position you desire, making the one-third of your life you spend in bed more luxurious.  Sleep easier in unbelievable comfort. 

 A lot of people take sleep for granted, but you must be able to get comfortable before you can get a good night’s sleep. Our research shows that one out of two people who sleep on an Electroease® Bed, sleep with their back and legs elevated.

In these “contour positions” your whole body weight gets evenly supported, the pressure is taken off your lower back, circulation is increased, and most importantly, you can stay comfortable all night.

Remember, it is your heart or arteries that Pump-Out.  It is your Venous System or veins that pump back to your heart.  When you are sitting or standing all day, your veins are working harder.  Elevate your legs, and let gravity work with your Venous System. Pure Relaxation. Turn on the Circular Massage for that Extra Relaxation Plus!

Electroease® has made your “Comfort Is Everything” our only business since 1964….and when you’ve been doing the same thing for 47 years, you get pretty good at it.  We sincerely want you to get a GREAT NIGHT’S SLEEP - and getting you the Right Adjustable Bed, Mattress and Firmness is what it’s all about.



Electroease® Factory can ship out any Model, Size, Length, Width, Mattress, Firmness, Hand Control and Massage System the same or next day.



Twinsize Adjustable Beds 

Comes in your choice of three lengths:



E 38” x 74” Twin Regular for people 5'4" and shorter

E 38” x 80” Twin Extra Long for people between 5'4" and 6'1”

E 38” x 84” Twin (CA) King Length for people 6'1" and over



The Double, Regular or Fullsize 

Comes in your choice of three lengths:


E 53” x 74” Full Regular for people 5'4" and shorter

E 53”x 80” Full Extra Long for people between 5'4" and 6'3"

E 53” x 84” Full (CA) King Length for people over 6'3"





One-Piece Queen

A One-Piece Queen Adjustable Bed, with one hand control, comes in your choice of two lengths:

E 60” x 80” Queen – Standard

E 60” x 84” Queen (CA) King Length for people over 6'3" 

We usually recommend the one-piece Queen for One person.

If you are a couple, then we would usually recommend either the Dual Queen or the Dual King (9 out of 10 couples get the Dual King). The One Piece Queen is what most decorators recommend (even over the One Piece King). 

King One Piece

With one hand control, one mattress and two motorized foundations, working together, comes in your choice of two sizes:

E 76” x 80” Eastern King (one piece)

E 72” x 84” California King (one piece)







 The Dual Queen  

E 60” x 80” (2 – 30” x 80”)

The Dual Queen is recommended for people who may have a smaller bedroom, or who may want to save an existing headboard (and footboard).  Most people choose the Dual King because it is a better buy - at the same price.  The Dual Queen is two 30" x 80" beds, side by side, making up a standard Queen-size bed 60" x 80".  You put 30" x 80" bottom fitted sheets on the bottom, and standard Queen top sheets, blankets on the top.  

*If you are over 225 pounds the Dual Queen, 30" x 80" may not be wide enough for you.






Comes in your choice of three sizes:

E  76” x 80” (2 – 38” x 80”) Eastern King

E  76” x 84” (2 – 38” x 84”) (CA) King Length

E  72” x 84” (2 – 36” x 84”) California King





Some people choose a specific King Size when they want to save their existing headboard and footboard sets. 



Bottom Fitted Sheets Our company has been selling Adjustable Bed Sheets, Mattress Pads, and Orthopedic Pillows Since 1964.  Standard size and twin extra-long bottom sheets are usually found in all major bedding and department stores. Our bottom sheets and mattress pads are designed especially for adjustable beds. The 84” length bedding are not found in local bedding and department stores. 

You don't want to buy the most comfortable bed in the world - an adjustable bed - and have trouble with your bottom sheets pulling off.  We have the Nation's Best Selection of Adjustable Bed Bottom Sheets, Mattress Pads and Waterproof Mattress Pads - at the WORLD'S LOWEST PRICES - available for immediate shipping.

Bottom Fitted Sheets Available in Blue, Beige or White: 

       Twin $25, Full $30, Queen $35, King $40, Duals $50 

Mattress Pads:

       Twin $25, Full $30, Queen $35, King $40, Duals $50

Water Proof Mattress Pad:

       Twin $35, Full $40, Queen $45, King $50, Duals $70

3" Soft Deluxe Polyester Mattress Pads Available

(if you want your mattress softer): 

       Twin $79, Full $99, Queen $119, King $139, Duals $159

2.8" LatexPillo Pads Available: 

       Twin $597, Full $797, Queen $897, King and Duals $1194 


Optional Orthopedic Pillows: Butterfly, Cervical and Memory Foam $35.00 each

Optional Latex Pillows:  Standard (Twin) $49, Queen $79, King $99 



3"* Leg Extenders Available:


$55 per set

*Call us for all heights you may need


Optional Side Half-Rails - Chrome Plated:  $129.00 each, 

$258 set



  100% Certified Organic Cover and Latex Core Available: 

       Add $300 each bed; $600 Duals.


Air Mattresses Available

Memory Foam and Tempur-Pedic Mattresses Available

600 Pound Capacity Available:  Add $300 each bed, $600 Duals

3-Motor High-Low Available:  Add $600 each bed, $1200 Duals



SHIPPING, USA 1(800) 551-2010

Your Electroease® Bed basically comes completely assembled. Just plug it in.

The Electroease® Factory can ship any size Adjustable Bed Model, Size, Mattress, Firmness, Hand-Control, Caster Legs and Circular- Massage System directly to your home in less than two weeks.


  Optional headboard installation:  

Headboard Brackets, Swing-A-Way Dual                 

The WH2 (wireless) and WH1 (wired) basically come completely assembled, except for screwing on the caster legs, and putting on the mattress retainer bar, and plugging it in.




Optional Headboard Installation and Swing-A-Way Hinges (for Duals) make adding your existing Headboard quite easy.

Keep Duals Together: Two optional plastic strips are included with duals that will join two beds side-by-side (Swing-A-Way Hinges will then not work)




Shipping Charges, USA

Twin $150, Full $200, Queen $250, King & Duals $300

In Home Delivery and Set-Up Available







Your adjustable base is warranted against defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase to the original Purchaser.  During the first year, we will repair or replace, at no cost to the original Purchaser any defective part.  This includes an authorized labor and transportation costs incurred with the repair or replacement of any part found to be defective.




Your adjustable base has a two year, full replacement warranty on parts, labor and transportation o the motors should your motors fail during the first two years of this warranty from the original purchase sale.




During year 2 through 5, from the original purchase date.  We will replace any part on the adjustable base found to be defective to the original Purchaser.  Liability is limited to the replacements of the defective part(s) ONLY with the Purchaser responsible for all service, installation, and transportation cost of said part(s).




During year 6 through 20 from the original purchase date.  We will replace, within the terms and conditions set forth this paragraph, our adjustable base part(s) found to be defective.  Purchase shall pay 1/180 of the current replacement cost of the defective part multiplied by the number of months after the fifth year, from the original purchase date.  This warranty applies only to the replacement part(s); Purchaser may be subject to charges for said parts to include, but not limited to, freight charges.  Liability shall be limited to the replacement of the defective part(s) ONLY with the Purchaser responsible for all service, installation and freight cost for said part(s).



During the first two years after delivery to the original owner Electroease® will at its option and without charge for labor and material, repair or replace the mattress having a defect in material or workmanship.  After the first two years and through the twentieth year, repair or replacement will be made at a charge of one twentieth of the manufacturer's current retail selling price times the total number of years owned. In all cases, the transportation costs to and from the factory will be borne by the owner.  If identical materials are not available at the time of repair or replacement, Electroease® reserves the right to substitute materials of equal quality.  This warranty does not cover claims resulting from misuse, abuse, overuse, accident or normal wear and tear.  Unsanitary conditions or stains will void this warranty.  In home service is not covered by this warranty.  This warranty is valid if and only if the Electroease® mattress is purchased simultaneously with an Electroease® WH1 or WH2 base.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights that can vary from state to state.  Proof of original purchase is required to process a warranty claim.



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